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Website Build

As we were saying, the need to provide your potential customers with a positive and motivating experience
when they visit your site is fundamental to doing business.

Mittagong Multimedia can construct a beautiful, highly functional and secure, responsive e-commerce website
for small to medium business at a competitive price.

We can design a cutting-edge, fully responsive e-commerce PHP website for your business.
We can also take delivery of an existing design, and build your site to your exact specifications, or redesign/refresh your existing wordpress website.

We are dedicated to providing a positive approach to your marketing strategies, encompassing your ideals,
and delivering what you expect, on time, at the right price.

Website maintenance

It doesn’t just stop there. Mittagong Multimedia can keep your website up to date and as secure as possible.
No website can ever be hack-proof, but rest assured that if the unthinkable does happen, we have a clean backup of your site,
and can restore the site, in most cases, on the same day.
We stay abreast of technological advancements in a way that keeps our clients AT the cutting edge, leading the way.

We can teach you how

By joining our hosting service that includes WordPress support, we can get you started,
show you how to build, install plugins, even help you add custom css to give your website it’s unique qualities.
Of course, if that’s all too much to absorb, we are happy to do the building for you.

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